Blink. Bloody Couch

Do you remember the ‘Doctor Who’ episode called ‘Blink’? The one where angels prey upon humans but turn to stone the moment they are looked upon — so the only way to prevent them killing is not to blink. As soon as a person shuts their eyes, the angels move, incredibly quickly — though of... Continue Reading →

Four men in the British Library

I spent a wonderful day yesterday in the company of four men at the British Library. They said very little, but I learnt so much from them and their work. They are illuminators from fourteenth-century London: talented, funny, inventive and disciplined, and each one had his own particular take on life. We met in the... Continue Reading →

write in pencil only …

because there is something so much more tactile about using a pencil, instead of this machine I use, which is always at some remove; because for me, it suggests that we play around with ideas that are never final, always changing; because I’m planning on spending some time in the British Library looking at fourteenth-century... Continue Reading →

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